The Outrageous Hamper

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For the most decadent of treats, indulge in our outrageous hamper. From the finest cheese and charcuterie to whisky and wine which would delight the most discerning of palates, it’s the ultimate treat for the food lover in your life.

Please call to confirm a delivery time as this hamper contains chilled items.

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1x Magnum Billecart-Salmon Champagne
1x Mersault Cru La Piece Sous Le Bois
1x Chateau Lynch Bageo Grand Vin
1x Bas-Amagnac XO
1x Fonseca's Finest 1970 Vintage Port
1x Lagavulin 16 Year Old Single Malt
1x 2x Pack of 6 Quails Eggs
1x 250g Tin Siberian Caviar
1x 1.825g Ortiz el Velero Bonito del Norte
1x Side of Smoked Salmon
1x Patum Peperium Gentlemans Relish
1x Apulpeira Octopus Tentacles
1x Artemante pate de Jabali
1x Artemante pate de Ciervo
1x Cornish Charcuterie Duck Rillettes
1x 100g Bellota Iberico Hand Carved Ham
1x 100g Bellota Iberico Salamanca Salchichion
1x Seggiano Bella di Cergnola Olives
1x Brindisa Alcaparrones Caperberries
1x S.A.T El Artesano Raul Valcarce Bittersweet Figs
1x Whole Truffle
1x Hungry Guest Piccalilli
1x Hungry Guest Arundel Dark Ale & Fruit Chutney
1x Gouda Cheese Twists
1x Picos Camperos con Aceite de Oliva
1x Torres Black Truffle Crisps
1x Cigarrollos de Chocolate
1x Rabitos Royale Milk Chocolate Figs
1x Apricot & Fig Loaf Cake
1x Tarte de Santiago I.E.P Almond Cake
1x Artisan du Chocolat Black & Gold Ecrin 48 Collection
1x English Breakfast Tea Canister
1x After Dinner Blane Coffee Canister
1x El Canario al la Taza Hot Chocolate
1x Hungry Guest Orange Marmalade
1x Hungry Guest Sweet Cherry & Toasted Almond Jam
1x Whole Acacia Honeycomb
1x 1 kg Colston Bassett Stilton
1x Foie Gras